Ready-made Book Cover Templates for Students

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Creating book covers can be a great way to engage students in writing activities that involve various multimedia materials. Students unleash their creative design thinking and construct book covers for their writing projects. As Karly Moura stated, students can also create book covers "for the sequel to a book they read or for a class novel that doesn't already have one".  Along the way students get to strengthen their digital literacy competencies and become fluent navigators of the net.

Creating book covers is easier done through pre-made templates. Below is a collection of resources where you and your students can access plethora of professionally designed book cover templates that you can edit and customize to your preference. Check them out and share with your colleagues.

Canva offers hundreds of visually appealing book cover templates that can be easily edited. While some of these materials are for premium users there are still many others that are free. Simply browse through the collection, click on the ones you like to open  Canva's editor where you can  edit the template the way you want. You can add text, images, shapes, colours, change font size and type, and many more. 

Like Canva, Adobe Spark has this collection of ready-made templates to choose from. "Adobe Spark’s gallery has professionally designed, captivating children’s book cover templates for you to choose from, edit, and make your own. Pick a style or design you like and customize it with your title, subtitle, author name, and imagery to match your story’s theme. You’ll love how easy it is to create your own."