New- Teachers and Students Can Now Save Their Progress on Forms as Drafts

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Google Forms has recently added an interesting new feature which autosaves progress as users answer quizzes, assignments and respond to forms. With this new feature you no longer need to start from scratch when responding to uncompleted forms. You can start responding to a form and pick up where you left across different devices. Your progress on forms will be saved as a draft "for 30 days from your last edit, or until your submission is complete".

Source: Google Blog

Students will find this feature helpful. They can now take their time as they work on their assignments and quizzes as they are no longer required to provide their responses in one sitting. Students can also switch between different devices as they respond to their forms. They can start  answering a quiz on their phones and finish on their laptops or Chromebooks. The auto-saving feature is also useful in situations where technical problems or unreliable connectivity makes it hard to complete a form.

Draft response autosaving works only when the form owner enables it. Also, if the owner of the form makes changes to their form these changes will be shown in the draft. For instance, if they delete a question, respondents' answer to that question will be deleted.