Important EdTech Updates Teachers Should Be Aware of

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The world of EdTech is constantly evolving as more and more new updates and tools are being released almost on a daily basis. It is hard to keep up with everything hence the importance of curated lists such as the one below.  Just in time for the back to school event, a number of key EdTech platforms have released important updates that I believe you should be aware of. I collected some of these updates and included them in the list below.

  new edtech updates for teachers

  1. "Assign up to 25 co-hosts per meeting, allowing them to access and utilize the host controls. 
  2. Use safety features to limit who can share their screen, send chat messages, mute all users and end meetings 
  3. Use the “Quick access” setting to easily control who needs to request permission to join a meeting."
"Starting August 30, 2021, you’ll be able to indicate where you’re working from directly on your calendar. You can add a weekly working location routine and update your location as plans change."

"You can now enable dark mode for Google Chat on the web ( and the Google Chat Progressive Web App (PWA). Dark mode creates a better viewing experience in low-light conditions by reducing brightness and potentially reducing eye strain."

Teachers and students can now use Edpuzzle's new screen recording feature to record their screens. Students can only use it in Student Projects assigned to them by their teachers. Screen recordings can be easily edited and made interactive through the addition of questions.

- The new Backdrop feature in Flipgrid enables you to add an image, a video, or your screen as a backdrop. @New EdTech Classroom has this excellent short tutorial explaining how to use this new update in Flipgrid.
- PowerPoint users can now easily add Flipgrid videos to enhance their presentations. Read more about this integration here.

Canva for Education has recently started a partnership with Pear Deck, one that resulted in the creation of a wide range of new templates designed specifically with Pear Deck in mind. These templates include: About Me, Social Emotional Learning, Science, and Social Studies.