Here Is A Great Tool for Teaching Critical Thinking in Class

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Kialo Edu is a discussion platform that provides educators and teachers with the tools to create learning spaces that empower students voice through active engagement in classroom debates. Students can ask questions, debate with each other, and evaluate novel ideas. 'With clear visualization of arguments and with powerful, easy to use navigation tools, Kialo is the perfect resource to help students master critical thinking and reasoning skills.'

Source: Kialo Edu

Here is how Kialo works: 
'With Kialo, discussions and debates are clearly visualized as an interactive tree of pro and con arguments. At the top of every discussion is the thesis, which is supported or challenged by pro and con claims. Each one of these claims can in turn branch into subsequent claims that support or challenge them.'

Teachers can use Kialo for a wide variety of educational purposes including:

1- To host classroom debates:
"Create discussions for your students, where they can put their knowledge into practice, develop their own views on classroom content, and consolidate what they’ve learned. In a Kialo discussion, every student has a voice - there’s no talking over each other, and students have the space to explore arguments at their own pace. Kialo’s collaborative platform encourages students to work together to find the best way to express each idea."

2- Assess learning
"Assign students to write a Kialo discussion instead of an essay - or use Kialo discussions to outline larger writing projects. Kialo’s argument-tree structure leads students to consider counter-arguments, develop a logical outline of their argument, and visualize how their ideas fit together"

3- Share knowledge
"Write a discussion for your students to explore, and set out content in a clear and easy format. Link to additional sources and reading, challenge students to add arguments or question concepts."