Here Is A Good Productivity Tool for Teachers and Educators

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Clipboard History Pro is a good Chrome extension I discovered through this Wakelet page from PottyPD_Mischnick that lets you track everything you copy into your clipboard and helps you edit and manage it the way you like.For instance, you can organize your clipped items by tags and merge existing ones into new record. You can also use the context menu to easily paste your frequently used text into input fields. The export functionality is another key functionality which enables you to "export chosen items or entire clipboard list to a Backup, JSON, plain text, or CSV file".

Other interesting free features offered by Clipboard History include full-page screenshots and the ability to detect the page URL of copied texts. The premium version of this extension offers way more functionalities including: mobile sync (syncing copied items between the web version of the extension and the iOS and Android apps), floating mode (enables you to open the extension window separately from the browser), page widget (provides you quick access to copied clips), and password lock ("allows you to set a password and restrict access to your history list").