Grab These 5 Educational Apps-They Are Free Today

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Back to you with another collection of educational apps that are on sale today. My favourite source for learning about apps that are on sale is Apps Gone Free. I have been using it for some years now and I am very much content with it (I am not affiliated with it). For this week's collection I curated for you the five apps below: a math app, a photography app, a video maker app, a cursive writing app, and an astronomy app. I hope the apps are still free by the time you read this post.

Speed up learning with flashcards that learn with you. Realistic cards with many features that make learning fun...Customizable learning makes Smart Math Flash Cards perfect for everyone, from those learning math for the first time to those looking to touch up on their math skills."

"Embed FX effects, 3D filters, objects and characters to your videos and pictures to add hint of magic to your photos and videos. Bring living characters such as, Unicorns, Ponies, Butterflies, Snowman, Bunny, etc to life in your local park or your living room. Add animated emojis, face filters and visual effects such as, lovely falling hearts to express yourself with special photos and videos. Action FX such as, Explosions, Lightening are also available".

As its name indicates this app helps kids learn cursive writing . These include learning lowercase cursive letters and uppercase cursive letters, learning how to connect cursive letters, practice cursive words, see cursive writing animation and many more. 

"Our Galaxy is a unique app for both amateur astronomers and astronomy educators. It helps you visualize the 3-dimensional locations of deep sky objects in and around our galaxy, and provides you with an understanding of their physical properties. It addition, it illustrates the structural components of the Galaxy, including the thin disk, thick disk, galactic bulge and stellar halo."

Neurashot is a computational photography app packed with cutting-edge computer vision smarts to help you get the most out of your device's camera". Some of its features include: night mode for all cameras, intelligent manual exposure, brilliant smooth light trails, and many more.