An Excellent Website That Offers Free Math Manipulatives and Tools for Teachers and Students

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MathsBot is a good math website  that offers a wide variety of educational resources for math teachers. These include GCSE resources, question generators, manipulatives, printables, puzzles, starters, games, activities and more. These materials are all free to use with your students. No registration or sign-up is required, MathsBot is completely web based.


You can browse through the resources on MathsBot using the top menu or you can use the search box in the top right corner to search for specific items. Besides these resources, MathsBot also offers a timer, an advanced calculator, a set of mathematical symbols to copy, and a camera to take screenshots. All of these tools are located on the top left corner. 

Mathsbot Manipulatives

Mathsbot offers a wide range of manipulatives to help students enhance their math learning. Examples of featured manipulatives include:  Algebra Discs, Bar Modelling, Counters, Counting Stick, Dice, Directed Numbers, Fraction Wall, Geoboard, Number Frames, Pattern Blocks, and more.

Mathsbot Printables

The printables section in Mathsbot provides access to a huge collection of customizable printables to use with your students in class. Browse through the collection, click on the printable you are interested it in, tweak its setting to your liking, then click on Print. 

Mathsbot Puzzles

Mathsbot offers numerous math-based puzzles that enable students to practice their math skills. Examples of featured puzzles include Prime Product Grids, Four Operations Puzzle, Pattern Tiles, Countdown, Chaos Game, Square and Circle Problem, Shaded Regions, Simultaneous Grids, and more.

How much does Mathsbot cost?

Mathsbot is free of charge. However, the free version does support ads. To access ad-free Mathsbot users are required to become patreons.