An Excellent Website That Offers Free Math Manipulatives and Tools for Teachers and Students

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MathsBot is an excellent platform that offers a wide variety of educational resources for math teachers. These include GCSE resources, question generators, manipulatives, printables, puzzles, starters, games, activities and more. These materials are all free to use with your students. No registration or sign-up is required, MathsBot is completely web based.

Samples of materials provided by MathsBot include in Manipulatives, for instance, Coordinate Pegboard, Algebra Discs, Counters, Equation Solvers, Dice, Geoboard, and many more. Math tools offered include: Fraction Grids, Multim-Number Line, Number Bonds, Place Value Chart, Venn Diagrams, Scaled Times Tables, Percentage Trails, among others. There are also over 14 printable resources like Pyramids, Polygon Names, Angle Names, Axes, Dotty Grids, Basic Angle Rules, Pie Charts, etc. 

You can browse through the resources on MathsBot using the top menu or you can use the search box in the top right corner to search for specific items. Besides these resources, MathsBot also offers a timer, an advanced calculator, a set of mathematical symbols to copy, and a camera to take screenshots. All of these tools are located on the top left corner. You may want to spend some time sifting through MathsBot and share with us your feedback.