An Excellent Tool to Record Meet Captions and Chat Messages

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Meet Transcript is an excellent Chrome extension that allows you to record Meet's captions, live chat, and screenshots to Google Docs. I learned about this tool through this video from Eric Curts and have tried it few times now and found it really practical. If you are using Google Meet in your teaching, Meet Transcript is definitely a tool you want to keep handy. It will enable you to take screenshots of your live Meet sessions, share recorded captions with students, and many more. Students can use it to review instructional content shared during Google Meet sessions, take notes, translate captions, and keep track of discussions. 

The way Meet Transcript works is simple and easy. Install the extension, grant it permission, then run your Google Meet as usual. Click on Meet Transcript icon to start recording captions and/or click the camera icon to take a screenshot. Also, chat messages are automatically recorded when the right sidebar is open. Recorded transcripts are saved to Google Docs where you can view, edit, and share them. Transcripts include meeting name, timestamps, and speakers. 

Alternatively, you can disable transcribing a meeting or sections of it. You can also opt to hide caption from displaying on the screen. Watch the video below to see Meet Transcript in action.