Use Handoff to Enhance Your Productivity by Switching Easily between Apple Devices

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If you are like me and you use Apple products on a daily basis this tip is for you. It will help facilitate your workflow and enhance your overall productivity. Handoff is an excellent feature that allows you to start a digital task on an Apple device and pick it up on another device nearby. You only need to make sure that WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on on your devices and that all of your Apple devices are connected to iCloud using the same Apple ID.

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Once Handoff  is activated, you can start browsing the net on your iPhone and have the same Safari tabs opened on your Mac or you can start writing an email in your iPad and finish it off on your iPhone. As a teacher, this streamlining functionality provides you with much more flexibility to leverage the power of technology in your instruction. For instance, you can connect your Mac or iPad to an overhead projector and share your screen with the whole class then use your iPhone to cast media and content to your projector. You can move around the class while having complete control over what you want to share on the projected screen. 

Here is how to turn on Handoff :
On Mac: click on on System Preferences, then on General, and check ' Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud Devices'.
On iPhone and iPad: Go to Settings, then General and check AirPlay and Handoff.

All of Apple apps support Handoff. Third party apps that support this feature will automatically appear in your Dock when  you switch to your Mac. Some of the apps that support Handoff include: Bear, Drafts, PCalc, iA Writer and many more.