Tips to Help You Turn YouTube Into A Pedagogical Tool to Use in Your Teaching

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YouTube can be a powerful educational platform if used effectively.  It hosts tons of educational video content that is readily accessible and for free. As teachers and educators, we can not but embrace the educational potential of this platform and do our best to leverage it in our instructional practices. To this end, I am sharing with you this collection of practical tips to help you turn YouTube into a pedagogical tool to integrate in your teaching.   

1- Search with your voice
You can search YouTube videos using voice input. You only need to grant YouTube access to your microphone. This feature is especially helpful for students with accessibility needs. 

2- Use YouTube search filters
When searching for video content on YouTube you may want to use filters to hone in your search queries. You can search for videos by upload date, type, and duration. You can also filter out your search results using features such as Live, HD, Subtitles/CC, Creative Commons, VR180, and many more. 

3- Remove distracting YouTube features 
Here are two of my favourite tools to enhance your YouTube watching experience:
     A- ViewPure
ViewPure allows you to remove distracting features and inappropriate content. These include distracting comments and sidebar related videos.
When this Chrome extension is activated the whole page fades to dark allowing you to watch the videos in theatre mode. 

4- Share specific portions of YouTube videos
You can share a specific portion of YouTube videos using the following tip: Open the YouTube video you want to chop, click on the Share button located under the video and check the box next to Start at and specify the start time then copy the generated link. The video will start from the specified time.  

5- Smart Chips
Smart Chips is a new feature introduced into Google Workspace which I reviewed in a previous post. When you add YouTube links to Docs or Slides,  you hover over the link to preview the video without leaving the page, or you click on Chip to have the link of the video replaced with its title.

6- Restricted mode
Restricted mode is used to screen out inappropriate content on YouTube. Here is how to activate it: Open YouTube and click on your profile picture in the top right corner, select Restricted Mode, and click on 'Activate Restricted Mode'.

7- YouTube Keyboard shortcuts
Here is a list of some handy YouTube keyboard shortcuts to help you make the best of your YouTube watching and navigating experience. The screenshot is taken from YouTube Help.