The Musical Time Machine Helps Students Discover Music Across Various Epochs and Countries

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Radiooooo is a musical time machine I discovered recently through the Music for Makers page. It allows you to find and listen to music from various eras and geographical locations. You simply select a country from the map and pick a time period (from 1900s to present) and discover the music popular during that era. I have been tinkering with Radiooooo for some time now and found it really interesting. Music teachers and music aficionados in general will find it really helpful. As a teacher, you can use the tool to introduce students to popular music across various epochs. Students can compare the rhythms, for instance, discuss and engage in meaningful music learning experiences.  They can also use it to discover and learn about music of other countries. 

Radiooooo is a collaborative project launched in 2013. Music on Radiooooo is curated by a group of DJs, producers, and artists and according to the site's statement the music streamed there is legalled streamed. The only caveat is that the basic version of  Radiooooo does not offer much. You can only play music from countries and decades and enjoy some free Island destinations. The premium plan has more features including the ability to rewind or skip tracks, bookmark songs, access full tracks, follow members of the Radiooooo community and their playlists, access history of songs played and many more.

Watch the video below to see Radiooooo in action