Squid- A Good Application to Help Students Take Handwritten Notes on Chromebook Devices

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Squid is a good application that allows students to handwrite their notes on Chromebook devices the same way they would using a pen and paper. They can use a stylus, a pen, or simply their fingers to capture their thoughts and share their notes with others. Squid is also ideal for sketchnoting. Students can draw shapes, insert images, add typed text, and create illustrative sketchnotes of a complex concept or when brainstorming ideas for a class project. Everything created on Squid can be exported as PDFs or images. 

Squid is also an annotation app which enables users to import PDFs from Google Classroom and Drive and edit them the want they want. Teachers can use this functionality to provide feedback on students work, grade papers, complete worksheets, provide instructions and many more. 

Squid can be used for a wide variety of educational purposes including grading students papers, work on homework assignments, digital storytelling, practice handwriting, book reviews, note taking in class and many more. Check out this page to learn more about how Squid is being used in educational settings. Watch the video below to see Squid in action.