Reading Progress Is A New Tool from Microsoft to Enhance Students Reading Fluency

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Reading Progress is a new app in Microsoft Teams designed to help students enhance their reading fluency and comprehension through independent reading practice. Even while the app is still in its beta phase, its educational potential has reverberated across the education community. Using Reading Progress, you will be able to assign reading materials to your students in Teams. Students read the text out-loud and record their reading performance either using audio or video and return it to teachers to assess it.

Assessing students' reading assignments is simple and easy. Teachers can either  do it manually in which case they need to listen to students recordings and mark and categorize errors students make by, for instance, selecting misread words. Alternatively, teachers can activate the auto-detect functionality to help them save time and get more accurate results. "Auto-detect evaluates student recordings to identify likely mispronunciations and other reading errors for educators. Educators can always adjust the errors to reflect student performance." 

To learn more about reading progress check out this step by step guide by Microsoft Teams for Education and read Dr Monica Burns post for a quick overview. You can also watch the video below to see Reading Progress in action.

Microsoft Education offers this interesting course to help teachers and educators tap into the educational potential of Reading progress. The course is only 1 hour long and will help you learn the following:
  • "The importance of fluency and its impact on readers. 
  • How to set up a Reading Progress assignment. 
  • What the student view of a Reading Progress assignment looks like. 
  • What the teacher review process looks like. 
  • How to manually review a Reading Progress assignment. 
  • How Reading Progress provides insights and analytics for reading fluency."