Ptable- An Interactive Periodic Table for Teachers and Students

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Ptable is an interactive periodic table that works on both desktop and mobile devices. Chemical elements on Ptable are organized by atomic number, properties, and electron configuration. Each element on this periodic table is outsourced to Wikipedia for more information. Some of the cool features provided by Ptable include a Time machine which allows users to go back in time and explore the elements discovered during that year. An Isotope view which once chosen overlays selected or all known isotopes for a given element. A compound tab that provides information regarding the possible compounds elements form, and many more.

Ptable also provides "complete orbital readout for each element's ground state, quantum numbers, oxidation states, and diagram following Hund's rules. Hover over each electron pair for a 3-D view of that orbital that you can drag to rotate or hover over the element to view its highest occupied atomic orbital.". 

As for the structure of the data, users have the possibility to customize the visual display of the data. There is the dark mode, there is the ability to view data in different forms, and many more. Materials on Ptable are printable . You can print "any view or visualization you can see. The print style sheet will take care of removing extraneous clutter. Just remember to print background colors, select landscape, and minimize the margins."

Watch the video below to learn more about Ptable