New Google Forms Features Teachers Should Be Aware of

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After we covered the latest updates in Google Docs, today's post focuses on Google Forms. Like Docs, Forms is also expecting the addition of some cool features that will  further enhance Forms functionalities. For us in education, the new updates will be of tremendous help. Teachers will find it much easier to create and share a wide variety of forms and  quizzes. 

The first feature concerns the new settings. Users will see a new "Settings’ tab at the top of Forms with key settings that are easy-to-find, like the option to make a Form a Quiz". Also, over 20 new fonts are going to be added to Forms allowing you to customize and individualize your forms the way you want. Forms will also grant you much more control over its default settings putting you in the driver seat in what concerns the control of Forms and Quizzes' settings. Additionally, in the next few weeks, a new feature will be launched whereby Forms will automatically save draft responses for 30 days or until submissions are complete.