InsertLearning Enables Teachers to Turn Web Pages into Interactive Lessons

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InsertLearning is a tool that allows you to create engaging lessons through adding interactive media to any webpage. You can insert questions, discussions, videos, and links to other resources into any website and share it with your class. Students can easily access your annotations by visiting that website. They can respond to your questions, engage in discussions and add their own annotations. InsertLearning supports live annotations enabling you to see students annotations in real time.

The way InsertLearning works is simple and easy. Install the Chrome extension, head over to any website and start creating your interactive learning experience. You can highlight any portion of text from that website and click the toolbar on the left to add questions or discussion prompts. You can also insert videos and other audio visual materials to differentiate your teaching/learning and boost students understanding through addressing different learning styles. Annotation features also include the ability to highlight paragraphs in a web page to add your notes or comments. You can customize your highlights and share with your students.

To assign an interactive lesson you create through InsertLearning click on the  toolbar and choose your class. InsertLearning is integrated with Google Classroom, meaning you can easily import your classes from there. Alternatively, you can share your lessons directly to Classroom using the 'Share to Google Classroom' functionality. "Once your lesson is assigned to a class, every student enrolled in that class will be able to see the things your inserted into the article."