How to Prepare the Perfect Resume for a Teacher

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If you want to know how to create the perfect resume for a teacher keep reading.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers out there but your resume is going to need special attention to be in with a chance of securing the best jobs. If you want to make the cut for an interview there are a few things you should know. We explore below what an expert teaching resume needs.

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Keep the Design Smart But Simple
The design of your resume matters but that doesn’t mean you need to hire a graphic designer to create a bespoke template.

Resumes work best when they are easy to read. Therefore your main task is to use a layout that’s organized and tidy.

That also doesn’t mean you can’t use a few graphical embellishments but they need to be subtle. A little color here and some stylized titles there will usually do the trick.

A resume template online is a really good solution in this case. These are prepared with the
best practices in mind to help save you time.

Lead With Experience
Your experience is your most important asset as a teacher. Even if you’re just starting out you can leverage some of this from your training or any placements you’ve undertaken.

However, what separates a good resume from a great one is a focus on achievements rather than duties. In other words, show measurable results you accomplished. This might involve detailing the number of students you taught in a class, their grades, or any other accolades you managed in previous jobs.

More importantly, make sure this is properly tailored for the position you are applying for. The more you can show you’re the best fit the better. 

But Don’t Forget to Optimize Skills and Education
The right skills and education are also vitally important for your resume’s success. Education needs especially important care.

You can’t teach without the right qualifications, so these need to be clearly down on paper.

As for skills, it’s best to use a good blend of hard skills and soft ones. This will show that aside from being well trained, you also have characteristics that will suit the school or establishment.

Don’t Let it Get Too Long
A good resume only needs to be a couple of pages long. In fact, it’s best to keep everything on a single page. Longer resumes do about 17% worse normally and they are harder for
busy recruiters to read.

Writing a teaching resume seems more arduous than it really is. However, it’s important to have the points above in mind when you create yours to make sure it’s optimized to perfection.

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