Here Is How to Take Screenshots from Currently Playing Videos on YouTube

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After I covered the different strategies to help you convert YouTube into a pedagogical platform to use with students in class, and always in the context of helping teachers and educators make the best of YouTube in their teaching, I want to bring your attention to this interesting Chrome extension called Screenshot YouTube.

As its name indicates, Screenshot YouTube allows users to take screenshots of any YouTube video. Unlike the other screen capture tools I reviewed here in the past (e.g., monosnap, ClipDrop, Lightshot, Snagit, etc), Screenshot YouTube, once installed, is integrated into YouTube player enabling you to capture a screenshot of the 'currently playing video as a file, or copies it to the clipboard, or both'. I have installed and tried this extension on several video clips on YouTube and found that it works perfectly well.

To use Screenshot YouTube, install the extension and head over to YouTube. Open the video you want to take screenshots from and you will see a new 'Screenshot' button added to the YouTube video player. You simply click on that button each time you want to take a screenshot of the playing video. Try it out and share with us your feedback.