Here Is How to Send Large Files for Free

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If you are looking for a free file transfer tool to help you send large files WeTransfer is a good option to try out. WeTransfer allows you to send up to 2 GB for free. There are two ways to send in big files: either through a generated link or through email transfer. Sending a file through generated link allows you to share a unique download link with anyone. The second option, that is email transfer, you need to use your own email and you will have to verify it first before you can send the file in an email.

To send a big file on WeTransfer head over to the homepage and click on the three dots in the bottom of the 'Add your files' box. Next check 'Send email transfer' or 'Get transfer link'. If you want more options the pro version is even better. It provides you with up to 200 GB of transfer in one go and 1 TB of storage. It also allows you to customize your WeTrasnfer profile, password protect your files and many more.