Here Is How to Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

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Chrome Capture is a cool extension that combines three key functionalities: video recording, screenshot capture, and GIF making. I tried the extension in multiple instances and found it really helpful. I am definitely adding it to the list of GIF making tools for teachers.

As a teacher, you can use Chrome Capture to create instructional videos and tutorials to share with your students in class. The extension's editor allows you to edit your screenshots and videos the way you want. You can add text, arrows, shapes, etc to your recordings and screenshots. You can also free hand draw on any part of the webpage while recording your screen. 

Chrome Capture allows you to make screenshots of selected areas of a webpage or you can take a screenshot of the whole page.  The latter feature does not work with all websites. 

Another excellent feature provided by Chrome Capture is the ability to record snip-its of videos on YouTube and other video hosting sites and turn them into animated GIFs.  Using the tool editor you can annotate your GIFs and create explanatory animations of complex concepts to use in your teaching. Watch the video below to see how Chrome Capture works.