Here Is How Students Can Collaborate on Wakelet

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Wakelet is a powerful curation platform that allows you to make the best of the educational web. Wakelet promotes collaborative teamwork by offering users the ability to co-construct collections and sub-collections . As a teacher, you can create a collection and then invite your students to contribute. You can simply share the collection's code, a generated link, a QR code, or via email.

Students can type in the code or use the link to access the shared collection. From there they can add their own resources (e.g., text, links, multimedia materials, etc) or even create sub-collection to share with each other. "Sub-collections are a new and secure way for your students to work together, without having to sign-up to Wakelet! "

This collaborative feature in Wakelet collections can be used for a wide variety of purposes including in group work on a classroom project, sourcing resources for school assignments, collaborative brainstorming, working on book reviews, building resources for a collective research project, sharing feedback and/or assignments, and many more. 

Here is how to invite students or colleagues to collaborate on a collection: