Grab These Two Educational Music Apps- They Are Free Today

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Below are two good music apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. I discovered these apps through the awesome Apps Gone Free platform and thought music teachers and music aficionados in general will definitely love them. 

As its name indicates, this app allows you to easily add video background music either by recording your own voice or through app's track list. The app's editor enables you to customize your music videos the way you want. You can trim selected portions, merge video backgrounds, mark where you want to add music, and many more. Once your music video is ready you can then save it to your camera roll and share it on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Vine.

This app helps you learn piano in an easy way. It scans your music sheet and then plays it for you. The premium version of this app lets you upload sheet music PDFs and receive feedback on your learning progress. "Piano Lessons in Your Pocket Learn how to play the piano! Just start playing and the app will listen to your notes and mark whether you have made mistakes. It can recognize note and rhythm errors. And you can always compare your play with the original music sheet."