Detailed Lesson Plans and Interactive Games to Teach Students Typing

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Keyboarding has already been an important skill in the 21st century classroom but the transformations triggered by the current pandemic has made an essential skill. Now that computers and digital devices have become  key pedagogical tools in the teaching/learning process, mastering typing skills can make a whole difference in students achievement. 

In this regard, Typesy for Education is a good platform to use with your students to teach them typing. It provides educational common core aligned resources  including over 4000 lessons covering various school subjects (e.g., social studies, ELA, Math, Science, and many more), several curricular materials for grades 2 to 12, detailed lesson plans, teacher support and more.

Game-based learning is an important part of Typesy's typing program. Students engage in challenging games, build points and levels, work on their avatar, and get rewards for their accomplishments."Typesy gives teachers complete visibility and easy control. At a quick glance you can see how the class is doing, how each student is doing, and who needs help. And if you prefer to be hands on, you can drill down to see detailed reports for each student. All data is updated “live” in front of your eyes as students type." 

Typesy's built-in testing service allows teachers to easily assess and grade students' typing assignments. Teachers can create customized tests and share them with the class. Typesy is also integrated with several other platforms including Google Classroom, Schoology,  Power School, ClassLink, and works across various operating systems.