Apple's Free Curriculum Can Help You Integrate Drawing, Music, Photography and Filmmaking into Your Teaching

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Apple's Everyone Can Create curriculum is a great resource to help you make the best of Apple technology in your instruction. The curriculum has been recently updated in order to 'take advantage of the latest features of iPad and apps such as iMovie, Clips, and GarageBand'. Teachers and educators will particularly benefit from the guides, activities and tutorials offered in the Everyone Can Create curriculum. They will get to discover and learn about strategies to effectively 'integrate drawing, music, filmmaking, or photography into their existing lesson plans for any subject'. 

Besides Everyone Can Create Teacher Guides the Curriculum contains four main project guides:

1- Everyone Can Create Music

Offers fun activities to help learners develop a number of musical skills. Students will get to learn how to make   a short podcast, an instrument song, an original composition, and their own remix.

2- Everyone Can Create Video

In this guide students will learn how to make their own video introductions, silent movies, a movie pitch, a teaching show, a documentary, a video of live event, a special effects sequence, and a short film.

3- Everyone Can Create Drawing

Some of the things students will get to learn to make from this guide include: expressive word art, a sketch of an object, a sketchnote, a favorite landscape, a portrait, a still life, a logo, an infographic, a motion graphic, and a book of your art.

4- Everyone Can Create Photo

This guide will help students learn how to make a personified picture, a portrait from the past, a story in a single photo, a moment in motion, a personalized collage, a photo documentary, an animated GIF, a portfolio of  favourite photos, and more.