An Excellent Tool to Generate Google Forms from Google Docs and PDFs

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Automagical is a cool Google Drive add-on that generates Google Forms from PDFs, Google Docs, and images with handwriting. Automagical can save you so much time and help you enhance your overall productivity. With a single click you can convert your documents into forms with text and multiple choice questions. Math equations and images are not supported. This add-on is also ideal to use with documents that have forms to fill out. "Ease your process of filling out the form by converting it to a Google Form. Super easy if you are on a Chromebook!"

Please note that forms created by Automagical are editable. You can customize them the way you want. You can add/delete questions, add questions types, sections and many more. The free version of Automagical supports creation of forms from up to 6 pages per month. "Note that image and handwriting recognition are not provided in the free version. Upgrading is easy with a variety of price plans from single user to company-wide."

Automagical works as an add-on that can be integrated with Gmail, Google Docs, and Slides. Once you install it, you will see a unicorn icon on the sidebar which you can click on to convert documents into forms. Simply select the document or slide you want to generate forms from and click on automagical icon from the sidebar. Next you can either choose to Automagically generate forms which is quicker or do it manually by drawing circles around questions on your document. Once your form is created you can then edit it the way you want.

Watch the video below to learn more about Automagical.