ClipDrop- Easily Remove Image Backgrounds

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ClipDrop is a great Augmented Reality app that allows you to transform physical world into  virtual space. Using ClipDrop you will be able to easily capture any visual from your physical surroundings and paste it right into your digital documents. 

Drawing on AI technology, ClipDrop removes the background from copied visuals allowing you to paste the object as it is. This is definitely an excellent way for students to incorporate visuals taken from real world (e.g,  a field trip) into their class projects. 

Alternatively, you can use of these four web tools to help you easily remove backgrounds from your images. For video background removal, check out Unscreen.

ClipDrop is available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. ClipDrop on desktop works as a screen capture enabling you to capture anything displayed on your screen. Using the mobile app you can instantly paste visuals taken by the camera of your phone right into your computer.

The process is simple and easy. Point your camera at a given object, shoot and ClipDrop automatically clips it for you. If your desktop is already connected with the mobile app you simply bring your phone near your computer and allow the wireless transfer to take place. 

ClipDrop also integrates with several apps and websites allowing you to drag and drop images directly into any other app or website. Watch the video below to see ClipDrop in action.