28 Summer Learning Activities to Inspire and Engage Students

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Looking for summer reading activities to share with your students and kids? This collection from Seesaw has you covered. It features 28 educational summer learning  activities designed specifically 'to inspire and engage students'. For each activity you will get to learn which grade levels it is created for, devices it is compatible with, and instructions on how to implement the activity in your class with your students. Some of these activities come with teachers notes that elaborate more on the educational nature of the task. These notes are only visible to teachers.

Some of the activities featured in Seesaw summer learning list include 'Book Reflection' in which students use a pre-made template to share summaries of books they have read. Students can also record their notes and share the audio feedback with their teacher. There is also the 'Reading Strategies for Families' activity which highlights a number of strategies to boost collective reading at home. Read in a Tent or Fort Summer Reading Challenge is a summer reading activity that involves students sharing the reading experience they had in a tent or a fort. These and several other learning activities are all available on Seesaw summer learning classroom activities collection.