Two Professional Development Events Teachers Should Not Miss During This Summer

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Looking for opportunities to help you with your professional growth during this summer? The resources below have you covered. These are resources provided by the Internet behemoths specifically for the education community. You will get to explore new educational technology learning possibilities, strategies to boost your teaching practice through technology, and get to network with fellow educators and teachers from all around the world without having to leave the comfort of your own place. For more summer PD opportunities check out this excellent collection from Sara Malchow.

Source: Google for Education

Google Edu OnAir offers a wide variety of webinars and digital events to help you make the best of Google for Education tools in your teaching and professional development. The events are free and you only need to register to access them. Events are presented by Google for Education experts and several other professionals and are "of interest to educators in all roles, but also to many parents, students, and citizens". Currently, when you visit Edu OnAir you will find collections of on-demand webinars covering various topics including distance learning, social emotional awareness, expert discussions and many more. An on-demand event is a 'live event that has been recorded for replay at anytime'. You need to register to watch these events.

The Festival of Learning is a worldwide virtual conference organized by Apple where Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) come together to discuss, connect, and share practical insights on how to make the best of Apple products in your teaching. Festival of learning will take place from July 12 to 16 and will cover numerous topics. Events will be open to everyone in the Apple Teacher community. There are three schedules of Festival of Learning: the Americas schedule, the UK schedule, and the Australia schedule. Some of the sessions that you can register for in the Americas schedule include: Apple Teacher Meetup and Festival of Learning book Talk. Unfortunately, the other interesting session Introducing Apple Teacher Portfolio is already full.