Two Helpful Tools Students Can Use to Draw on Live Web Pages

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In yesterday's post we talked about the educational power of social annotation and explained how it helps students develop critical thinking skills and build community in class. Today's tools are also annotation tools but they offer unique drawing features allowing students to interact with digital content in more creative and expressive ways. Students can use these extensions to draw on live webpages,  add shapes and arrows, and share their annotated content with each other. The purpose is to equip students with the proper tools to help them tap into the educational potential of the web and to engage in meaningful learning and research experiences. 

Page Marker is a Chrome extension that enables you to easily annotate live web pages. You can draw on any section on the webpage using your mouse or touchscreen. You can also highlight lines of text using your preferred colour.The eraser tool lets you delete parts you don't like and with a single click you can customize the thickness or change the default colour.

Another excellent tool to annotate and draw on web pages. You can add text, notes, shapes, lines, and arrows and share your annotated content with others. Web Paint offers the added screenshot functionality allowing you to create screen captures of your annotated web pages. The tool is simple and easy to use. All you need is to install and add it to your Chrome.