Turn Screen Time into Family Time- Parents Guide to Using Apps with Kids

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Living in a digitally focused world brings with it a number of serious concerns especially for patents and one of these concerns is kids interaction with technology. Too much exposure to screen time can be detrimental to kids overall health. The American Academy of Paediatrics (cited in the guide below) suggests that ‘ screen time has no positive benefits for children under the age of two, and recommends no more than one or two hours of screen time a day for older children' (p. 1).  However, before you introduce your kids to technology, and especially apps, there are a number of key considerations to take into account. These include thinking about the purposes behind using apps with kids, their learning benefits, and determining interests of your kids and when and where apps can be used. These and several other considerations are all explained in more details in the guide we are sharing with you tonight.

Family Time with Apps is an excellent short guide to help parents make informed decisions about educational apps to use with kids. It features a number of practical tips and ideas based recent research in the field . ‘The guide aims to show parents how to find the best apps that fit your child’s needs, provide tips on how (and why!) to use apps together, and highlight even more resources that will make the process of selecting apps less overwhelming, and more fun.’ Some of the things you will learn from this guide include:
  • 'Ways that apps can support children’s healthy development and family learning
  • Real-life examples which, based on research, may be beneficial to families
  • Tips and step by step advice on how to use apps together with your family
  • Information on ho to find and choose the apps that best fit your family needs
  • Links to other information and resources.' (p. 2)
This book is available for free download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.