Phrasebank- A Great Resource to Help Research Students Enhance Their Academic Writing Style

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Phrasebank is a must have resource for research students and anybody else interested in honing their academic writing style. Phrasebank, provided by the University of Manchester, offers a wide variety of academic phrases to use in your research papers. These cover phrases used in the different parts of the research process including phrases to help you introduce novel work, refer to sources, describe methods, report results, discuss findings, and write conclusions.

Besides academic phrases, the site also provides explanations of each of the sections of the research process. For instance, students will get to know what the discussion part means in a dissertation and how it should be structured. Similarly, they will access tips on how to refer to sources, how to describe methods they used in their research, and how to write the finding section in their research article.

Students can also use the left-hand sidebar to access collections of academic phrases pertaining to the general mechanics of style. For instance, there are resources and phrases on how to write critical reviews of others work, how to signal transitions, how to write about the past, how to compare and contrast, how to define terms and many more.