New Accessibility Features for Students and Teachers Using Chromebooks

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After the new Google Meet updates, Google introduced new features in Chromebooks, ones that will definitely enhance the overall usability and accessibility of the device. Starting with the new PIN logins' feature for education users, students, teachers, and educators will now be able to log in to their assigned devices using a six digit pin code. This new feature will be standard on all new Chromebooks.

Students with special needs will particularly benefit from the introduction of new accessibility features. There is the novel Live Caption functionality which allows students to caption videos. There is also the Switch Access feature which allows users to control their cursor either using the built-in keyboard or through connecting an external USB or Bluetooth. 

Point Scanning which will be rolling out in August is another excellent accessibility feature to facilitate navigation. It "allows people to select any point on the screen by first choosing the horizontal location they want to select, and then having them choose the vertical location." 

Source: Google blog

The full-screen magnifying functionality in Chromebooks has now a new panning method which enables students to "keep the mouse centered on the screen and have the viewport pan as you move the mouse".

As for ChromeVox, Chromebook's internal screen reader, Google announced the release of new tutorials and interactive lessons to help users tap into the educational potential of this functionality. To learn more about these and other updates, check out Google blog.