Kami- Add Interactive Feedback to PDFs Using Text, Audio, and Video Annotations

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Kami is an excellent PDF and document annotation tool. It offers a wide variety of features that enable students and teachers to engage in interactive and collaborative learning experiences. Students can easily edit and annotate documents, PDFs, images, ebooks, worksheets and many more. They can draw, add various text sizes and colours, insert shapes and instantly save their edited work. Kami's text to speech functionality makes it easy for students with reading comprehension problems to use the tool to enhance their reading skills

Teachers can also use Kami to engage with students in interactive discussions. They can provide real-time assessments and share feedback in different formats including video comments, voice comments, and through annotated screen captures.  Furthermore, Kami allows you to create, grade and share assignments from a single platform. Its integration with other learning management systems such as Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom creates a seamless workflow and further enhances students learning.

Kami is definitely a good option for remote education. It can be used in both modes of online course delivery: synchronous and asynchronous. Additionally, Kami works both online and offline thus minimizing the disruptions caused by unreliable Internet connection. Watch the video below to learn more about Kami.