Here Is A Great Tool to Transform Your iPad and Laptop into Interactive Whiteboards

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Annotate is an interactive whiteboard with huge educational potential. It lets you "remotely control your computer, and wirelessly present and annotate without turning your back to your students". Annotate combines three powerful functionalities into a single platform: screen mirroring, formative assessments, and collaboration.

Using Annotate you will be able to wirelessly mirror your iOS or Android device screen to a projector.It turns your mobile device into an interactive whiteboard. You can embed content, import documents, and add rich media like videos and images. The integrated drawing and annotating tools will make your lessons come alive. Students can mirror the screen of their Chromebooks, laoptops and mobile devices to your computer and you can share their work with the whole class.

Annotate's livestream capabilities enable you to streamline lessons to students in real-time. You can also run formative assessments and view students performance in real-time.  There are 10 question types to choose from multiple choice, short answer, graphing, system graded. cloze questions and many more.

Collaboration is key to immersive learning experiences. "Annotate allows up to 35 student devices to interact with lesson content simultaneously so your entire class can participate either individually or in small groups. You can project each student's work on the screen and even annotate over them".

Furthermore, Annotate enables you to create clips by annotating over your notebooks and adding voiceovers. You can also remotely access your desktop using your device.

Watch the video below to learn more about Annotate.