Google Chat- Another Good Tool for Distance Education

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Like Google Workspace, Google Chat is now available for free on personal accounts. This is big news for us in education. Its communicative and collaborative features can be used for a wide variety of educational purposes. Teachers can use it to maintain contact, keep students updated and share reminders, announcements and notices.

Team chat rooms is an excellent feature in Google Chat that can be used in distance education and for professional development purposes. You can organize group chat with students or colleagues to engage in meaningful learning experiences and build connections.Also, the integrated experience that Workspace offers means that content sharing through group messaging is now even easier. You can share docs, sheets, and slides without worrying about granting permissions. Google Chat is available through Gmail and as a mobile app.

Here is how to turn on Chat from Gmail:
  • Open your Gmail and click on Settings then select 'View all settings'
  • Next select Chat and Meet from the top bar
  • Scroll to Chat and select Google Chat
  • Click on Save Changes