Free Professional Development Resources for Teachers

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Google for Education has this treasure trove of free resources to help teachers and educators grow professionally as they make the best of technology in education. The collection features lesson plans, multimedia materials, training courses, curricula, and many more. The site also features a section packed full of tips, lesson plans and resources on the use of a wide variety of Google tools (e.g., Docs, Classroom, Forms, Slides, Jamboard, etc) in education.

The professional development section features  a number of collections including: Culturally Responsive Classrooms (offers resources to help cultivate diverse and inclusive classrooms), EDU Computational Thinking (offers CT resources for teachers, educators, and administrators), Culture of Innovation Guide ('helps educators embrace opportunities inherent in change and learn from the successes and failures'), and many more. 

There are also resources designed for distance education that include COVID-19 support resources. Alternatively, you can search for specific resources on the site by restricting your query to a particular resource type (e.g., video, podcast, PDF, lesson plan, template, etc) or to a specific audience category (e.g., admins, parents, IT administrators, primary classrooms, etc).