Eventbrite- Teachers Tool for Creating and Managing Virtual Events

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Eventbrite is a platform that allows you to create and manage events. I have been using the site for some time  now and found it really helpful. Teachers and educators can use it to create, organize, and share events with their students and/or the school community. You can also use it to set up paid virtual workshops and conferences. Eventbrite offers a host of practical tools that enable you to take your event creation to the next level.

You can use one of the site's beautifully designed pages to start creating your event. Once your event is created you can embed it in your blog or website. Eventbrite also offers tools to help you better manage your events. For instance, it lets you create targeted  email campaigns using customized templates with tracking links to send promos and email invites. 

Features such as follow, remind, and like can further engage events community. Additionally, Eventbrite offers detailed analytics and reports to help you better understand the performance of your events and get information about your event attendees. 

Besides creating events, Eventbrite is also a community-focused hub and a search engine where you get to discover popular events taking place nearby or anywhere in the world. You can, for instance, get information about upcoming concerts, festivals, conferences, classes, ect, Know their locations (e.g., directions and maps) and get tickets. You can register to attend events and see which friends are attending the same events. Watch the video below to learn more about Eventbrite.