EquatIO Allows Students to Turn Handwritten Math Formulas and Equations into Digital Text

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EquatIO is a powerful math editor that digitizes math equations  making math learning more accessible and inclusive. Students with special needs can hear their math read aloud for them. EquatIO has  an integrated functionality that recognizes handwritten math expressions. Students can handwrite their math equations on a touchscreen and have it converted into digital text. 

The dictation service is another excellent feature in EquatIO. Students can easily dictate math problems and formulas right into their devices and have them instantly turned into digitized output. EquatIO's graph editor which is powered by Desmos graphing calculator enables users to 'create and customize single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points and more'. Equally important is the Screenshot Reader feature which 'turns any equation across the web into accessible, editable math'.

EquatIO works on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard. It is also integrated with a number of popular LMS providers including Canvas, Schoology, and Brightspace. Alternatively, you can use the tool's toolbar to 'insert math into other LMS system that do not have a plug-in'. EquatIO can be used across several school subjects. Its editor embeds hundreds of chemistry compounds and physics formulas. The premium subscription of EquatIO is free for K-12 teachers.