Bamboo Paper- An Easy Way to Sketch or Write on Images

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Bamboo Paper is an excellent notebook app you can use for sketching, drawing, or taking notes. It provides a number of interesting features that turns your tablet into a paper notebook  making your writing/drawing experience on it resembles the real pen and paper experience. Students can use it to engage in a wide variety of creative multimedia activities from drawing beautiful art works to plotting story timelines.

Bamboo Paper app

Use one of Bamboo Paper’s six expressive pens and brushes to start your writing, drawing or sketching. You can also add images and photos to your notebook and annotate them the way you want. For instance, you can write or draw on them. 

You can even use Bambo's zoom functionality to sketch or write fine lines and add as many notes as you can.  However, for best results Bamboo recommends using their stylus and as they stated ‘for the best result and experience, use Bamboo Paper together with a Bamboo Stylus. For advanced note-taking or sketching, try the thin-tip pressure sensitive stylus products from Wacom: Bamboo Stylus fineline and Intuos Creative Stylus 2.’ 

Users can also easily access their sketches and drawings across different devices provided they activate the free Inkspace Plus features in their Bamboo Paper app. Other interesting features provided by Bamboo Paper include 'Easily export and share your ideas in different file formats, such as .psd, .svg, and rich text. And collaborate on a real-time canvas with others – no matter where you are.'

The free version of Bamboo Paper comes with  limited features, the paid version has more advanced functionalities. Bamboo Paper is available for Android,  iOS, and Windows tablets.