Audiblogs- A Tool That Turns Any Web Page into Audio Podcast

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Audiblogs is a good web tool and Chrome extension that turns the content of any web page into an audio podcast that you can listen to in your web browser or using a podcast player. You can use your own podcast player if you have one or use the site's integrated player instead. Audioblogs has a Chrome extension called Send As Podcast which you can install and with a single click turn web content into podcasts.

I tried the extension on several pages and it worked perfectly well. The audio narration is clear and does not sound like a machine reading out loud. It sounds exactly like an audiobook. Audioblogs supports several languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, and many more. 

Click on the image below to listen to an example of an audio podcast based create by Aubiblogs. This is the audio version of an article titled "11 Must Read Books That Will Make You A Better Learner".