Teaching Math Through Digital Storytelling

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 In today's post we are sharing with you two important resources we discovered through Airtable to help you teach kids math through stories. These are tools/apps that offer an innovative approach to learning math, one that leverages the educational power of storytelling in the teaching of math. We invite both parents and teachers to try them out with young learners and share with us their feedback. 

1- Bedtime Math

As its name indicates, Bedtime Math offers two apps to help preschoolers and elementary school students learn math through stories. The first app, Bedtime Math, is "a great way for families with kids ages 3-9 to have fun with math together! Click for the daily math problem, a surprise problem, or any math problem in our archive, which you can browse to find your favorite topics." The second app, MiniMath, is "designed for families with kids ages 4-5. Choose Food, Animals and Vehicles, or explore other math problems on all kinds of kid-friendly topics. With three different types of questions (“Look,” “Do,” and “Think”), you’ll get a fun new activity every day."

2- Math Storytime

Math Storytime offers a wide variety of stories to help yougnsters grasp key mathematical concepts. The fun-based approach to learning math as embraced by Math Storytime facilitates math learning through various hands-on activities. One the key features provided by Math Storytime is the 'discussion bubble' meant to generate rich discussions with kids. "These discussion bubbles provide suggestions for you and your child to do and talk about math together and will help you to focus on the content in this story."