Sheetgo- An Easy Way to move Data between Google Sheets, Excel, and CSV Files

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Sheetgo is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to easily transform data between different spreadsheets in Google Sheets. You can also use it to create a centralized overview of your data by merging several sheets into a single sheet. You can even import data from Excel files you have in your Google Drive right into your Google Sheets. The same applies to other files such as CSV or TSV , with a single click you can bring all the data from those files to your Sheets.

Another practical feature from Sheetgo  is the ability to filter data in your spreadsheets and only select the one that you need before importing or exporting a spreadsheet. Additionally, you can use ‘the Export feature to easily and automatically distribute data from your Google Sheets to other Google Sheets. Distribute the same data to multiple Google Sheets or distribute unique data using the filter function.’ Other interesting features provided by Sheetgo include:

Preserve Formatting: When the connection is established, Sheetgo preserves the formatting from the source sheet, including column width, fonts, colors, borders, etc.
Peer-to-peer connection: The data in your spreadsheets are transmitted directly from one spreadsheet to another. Copies of your data are never sent to an external database.
Smart delay: Sheetgo waits for formulas to be executed before consolidating the data to ensure that the source data is ready to be transferred.
Automatic Updates: Update connections between spreadsheets automatically (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) at defined intervals without having to open the spreadsheet(s) or execute any manual command.’
Watch the video below to learn more about Sheetgo