RecordCast- A Tool to Record Your Video Screens in Minutes

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 RecordCast Screen Recorder is an online screen recording tool that allows you to capture anything on your computer screen and enables you to perform high-quality edits. The program is perfect for users of any computer level. Its interface is simple and easy to use .

How RecordCast it used?
Here is how to use RecordCast it:
1) Access the site .
2) Click the red button that says Start Recording;.
3) Choose from the three modes of settings:
  • Recording mode (screen + webcam, screen, webcam);
  • Audio source (microphone + system, microphone, system audio, no audio)
  • Video source (full screen, one particular window, one browser tab)
4) Once you have chosen the setting, click on the red circle to start recording the screen.
5) The videos have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, but if yours lasts less, just click on the
STOP symbol to close the recording.

The video editing function is also within reach of a beginner. There is a large library of effects,
transitions and titles with which we can enrich our videos. The timeline style is easy to use, and
the application of audio/video effects, transitions and titles is extremely intuitive.

Some key RecordCast  features include:
 100% free to record webinars, online tutorials and other activities taking place on the
 Fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook;
 Simultaneous recording of sound from different audio devices;
 Embed webcam video while capturing desktop;
 Record videos just in seconds thanks to a friendly user interface;
 Trim unwanted portions of videos;
 All recordings are automatically saved in WebM or MP4 format.

What needed to be improved?
 Additional functions, such as annotations, batch processing, etc., could be added.
 The video length is limited to 30 minutes of video output.