Quill- Make Your Students Better Writers

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Quill is a great educational platform you can use with your students to help them enhance their writing skills. It provides a wide variety of materials designed specifically to help students become better writers. Using Quill is simple and easy. Teachers set up their classrooms in Quill and invite students to join using unique codes. If you use Google Classroom you can import your class with a single click. Once created you can then start using the different services provided by Quill. These include:

1- Quill Connect
‘Help your students advance from fragmented and run-on sentences to complex and well-structured sentences with Quill Connect. Using the evidence-based strategy of sentence combining, students combine multiple ideas into a single sentence. They then receive instant feedback designed to help them improve the clarity and precision of their sentences.’

2- Quill Lessons
‘Quill Lessons enables teachers to lead whole-class and small group writing instruction. Teachers control interactive slides that contain writing prompts, and the entire class responds to each prompt. Each Quill Lessons activity provides a lesson plan, writing prompts, discussion topics, and a follow up independent practice activity.’

3- Quill Diagnostic
‘Quickly determine which skills your students need to work on with our 22 question diagnostic. The diagnostic covers vital sentence construction skills and generates a personalized learning plan based on the student’s performance.’

4- Quill Proofreader
‘Proofreader teaches your students editing skills by having them proofread passages. Students edit passages and receive personalized exercises based on their results. With over 100 expository passages, Proofreader gives students the practice they need to spot common grammatical errors.’

5- Quill Grammar
‘Quill Grammar has over 150 sentence writing activities to help your students practice basic grammar skills, from comma placement to parallel structure. Our activities are designed to be completed in 10 minutes so you have the freedom to use them in the way that works best for your classroom.’

Give Quill a try and share with us what you think of it.
Courtesy of Google Blog