Helpful EdTech Rubrics for Teachers

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As you strive to enhance your online teaching and optimize your students' learning experiences, rubrics are particularly helpful in this process. They, together with other EdTech resources we covered before, can help you streamline your remote instruction and add educational value to your teaching practice. In this regard, one of the best resources for educational rubrics we have been recommending to teachers and educators over the last few years is University of Wisconsin's professional development section.

The site offers access to a wide variety of educational rubrics covering various topic areas. More specifically, there are rubrics for discussion and group work projects, ePortfolio and web page rubrics, math and science rubrics, writing rubrics, presentation rubrics, virtual simulations and game rubrics, video and multimedia project rubrics, research process rubrics, and many more. You can easily modify and adapt each of these rubrics to suit your own teaching context and if you want to design your own rubrics there are a number of suggested tools (e.g., rubric generators and ready-made templates)  you can try out.