Factile- An Easy Way to Create Jeopardy-style Quiz Games

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Factile (former Jeopardy Rocks) is an excellent web tool that enables teachers to create multimedia quiz games for their classroom.  Using a simple and intuitive gameboard, teachers will get to create engaging quiz games without the need for any coding skills. The process is easy: Open an account with Factile, click on ‘build now’ in homepage then type in your titles and categories. Click on a square to open up the editor for a question  and fill in with your content.

Factile will engage your students in collaborative team work and enhance their learning while having fun. There are different ways to use Factile in your instruction. For instance ,you can use it  for formative assessment purposes to check students understanding of newly taught lessons. You can also use it to introduce new concepts or review latest ones. Please note that ‘Factile is totally free for your first 3 games. After that, you must upgrade to the PRO version for $5/month (or $48 per year). In the PRO version you also get extra features like image, video and equation uploading, as well as the ability to print games.’