Bublup- A Tool to Insta-Organize Digital Content

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Bublup is a handy platform that allows you to save and organize your digital content in visually attractive ways. Bublup combines the functionalities of a cloud storage site and content bookmarking tools. If you are like and have a special liking to visuals, Bublup's visual layout makes it super easy for you to organize your resources in visual folders. You can save a wide variety of content in the same folder. These include links, photos, videos, pictures, notes and many more.

Bublup' s collaborative features enable you to invite your colleagues or classmates to work with you on the same visual folder. Users can also create beautiful stories (also known as rolls) out of their stored content which they can share through a generated webpage link with anyone including those who do not have a Bublup account. Additionally, the site provides you  with smart suggestions of content to similar content as the one you have saved in your folders. 

Bublup can be used for various educational purposes. Student researchers can use it to collaborate on shared research projects. They can create shared folders where they share content related to the topic of their study. Teachers can design a space on Bublup where they share with their students resources related to the content they learn in class.