BlocksCAD- A Good Resource for Teaching Students Computing and Coding Skills

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Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it. BlocksCAD is a great platform that allows students to design 3D models using their computing and coding skills. The site  features a treasure trove of learning materials and curricular content that teachers can easily integrate in their instruction. It offers detailed standard-aligned lesson plans, professional development resources, online courses, webinars, and several other materials to help teachers, students and educators make the best of BlocksCAD  in their teaching/learning.

BlocksCAD can be used for different educational purposes. Students can use it to 'build geometrical proficiency and other math skills', 'write a computer program to describe a solid 3D model', create educational games and many more. As for teachers, BlocksCAD offers a platform where they can teach coding, math and computer skills. Some of the things teachers can do on BlocksCAD include:
  • "Create classes
  • Manage your student's accounts
  • Access and Edit student code
  • Download student .stl files for your 3D printer
  • Support from the BlocksCAD team
  • See how long students spend on their designs
  • Lessons provided for grades 3-12:
  • Introductory lessons
  • Common Core math aligned lessons
  • CSTA Computer Science standards aligned lessons
  • Create your own custom lessons" 
Watch the video below to learn more about BlocksCAD