6 Kids Games That Make Math Learning Engaging and Entertaining

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BBC School Radio Maths is an excellent educational resource we learned from MakeUseOf' s list of 10 Cool Math Games for Kids. School Radio Maths offers a wide variety of educational games to help kids develop their math skills. Kids will get to grapple with various numeracy challenges that involves a higher degree of mental skills. The games are entertaining enough to keep pupils motivated and focused on the learning task at hand.

There are actually 6 math challenges: Counting Songs (helps kids learn numeracy skills through nursery rhymes; Numbertime ("helps to consolidate maths skills for children aged 5 to 7 through a variety of fun games, activities and songs"); Megamaths ("Maths quizzes for KS2A pupils aged 7 - 9, with the focus on mental maths and problem solving"); Math Challenges 1 and 2 (provides a number of mental mental Quizzes to be explored with Ralph and Matrix). Each of these challenges come with accompanying resources that include downloadable audio files and sheets. Check them out and share with us your feedback.