Omoguru: A Good App for Readers with Dyslexia

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Omoguru is an excellent reading app for students with dyslexia. It offers a wide variety of tools 'designed to make the text more readable'. Some of these features include: tools to adjust text appearance and enhance its readability (e.g., letter spacing, line height setting, contrast setting colours, text size and weigth), syllable marking ( the tool allows you to mark syllables in different colours enabling readers to easily identity and read multi-syllable words), speed reading, and many more.

Omoguru also offers the Overlay tool  which is available with the Scroll reading style. Overlay helps struggling readers focus on text by highlighting lines they read. The digitization functionality is another key feature that makes Omoguru stands out. You can take photos of printed text and convert them into digitized text and save them as notes. "All notes, collected from print or from books are automatically converted into an optimized text. The app automatically loads your last preferred text appearance setup."

Additioonally, the app offers "a large selection of preloaded books and short stories for grades 3 – 8 is available in the app. This content covers parts of the reading lists for middle and upper schoolers. Over 170 short stories with questions support reading, fluency and comprehension practice. You can also add your own e-books or documents."